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What Happens if I'm Injured as an Uber or Lyft Passenger?

Posted by Joe Lowman on Aug 3, 2018 1:57:34 PM


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What Happens if an Uber or Lyft Hits My Car?

Posted by Joe Lowman on Jul 19, 2018 6:03:43 PM


The rapid growth of ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft has brought the taxi industry to its knees and changed the way we get around forever. In fact, in 2016 alone, Uber and Lyft had a combined 52 million active riders per month (fun fact: Uber gave four billion rides in 2017, and if you combine all Uber trips taken in just the past five years, the total distance would equal a round trip to Saturn). With all these rideshare vehicles on the road, there are bound to be accidents.

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6 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Posted by Joe Lowman on Jul 13, 2018 10:57:07 AM


You’ve undoubtedly seen bumper stickers on cars cautioning drivers to “watch out for motorcycles.” But as a motorcycle rider, responsibility also rests upon your own shoulders. Thankfully, most bikes are built with powerful features to help riders avoid crashes, including strong breaking and extremely grippy tires.

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Funny Florida Laws That Are Still on the Books

Posted by Joe Lowman on Jun 26, 2018 10:45:22 AM


Dumb laws. Every state has them (if you’ve been playing bingo for over five hours in North Carolina, or brought your pet flamingo into a barber shop in Alaska, let me see those hands!) So, obviously, I’m not talking about a respectable law that you may just happen to disagree with. I’m talking about completely silly laws that no one follows and no one cares about, but still somehow have a spot in the record books.

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20 Things Every Florida Driver Should Have in Their Car

Posted by Joe Lowman on Jun 19, 2018 2:54:52 PM


If the interior of your car consists of empty cans of soda and fast food wrappers, but little else, it may be time to reevaluate your vehicle inventory! Without further ado, below is our list of 20 things every Florida driver should have in their car.

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Can I Drive Out of State with a Learner's Permit?

Posted by Joe Lowman on Jun 8, 2018 2:49:15 PM


Your driver’s license is so close you can almost taste it. You can envision the freedom of the open road, with the radio up and the windows down… but for now, your learner’s permit is your best friend (along with whichever 21-year old licensed driver you can find to accompany you on your journeys).

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Can Social Media Be Used Against Me in Court?

Posted by Joe Lowman on Jun 4, 2018 4:28:39 PM


We all know using social media can have some serious consequences (just ask Roseanne). But that hasn’t stopped Americans from engaging on social sites. In 2017, more than 80% of the U.S. population had a social networking profile (across the globe, worldwide usage has reached almost 2.5 billion). With all this activity, it’s important to understand the legal repercussions of social media.

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Vehicle Theft and Your Liability (Plus 7 Ways to Prevent Theft)

Posted by Joe Lowman on May 18, 2018 3:33:14 PM


A friend of mine once left an all-day shopping spree at the mall, and upon leaving, couldn’t find her car. Despite being saddled with the weight of numerous shopping bags, she wandered the parking lot for hours thinking she’d forgotten where she had parked. Maybe you’ve done this yourself; walking up and down rows upon rows of vehicles, pressing the alarm button on your car remote hoping it would honk back at you.

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Florida's New Scooter Helmet Law: What You Need to Know

Posted by Joe Lowman on May 9, 2018 3:58:34 PM


Florida’s got a scooter problem. While people across the country use scooters as an inexpensive and easy way to get around, thousands of tourists in Florida also rent them when on vacation or spring break. This has made the Sunshine State #1 in the nation when it comes to scooter injuries and fatalities. Because of this, legislators are discussing a new law requiring riders under 21 to wear helmets on Florida roads.

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Only in Florida: Five Wackiest Stories of the Year (So Far)

Posted by Joe Lowman on Apr 27, 2018 12:52:10 PM


Why is it so many bizarre stories begin with “Florida man” or “Florida woman”? Let’s face it, Florida has its share of strange stories; people even joke that there must be “something in that Everglades water.” We’ve got it all, from drunk possums to mass chaos causing multiple injuries at a Girl Scouts’ cookie stand—and that was just last year. So let’s take a look at the five wackiest stories (so far) of 2018.

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