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What types of cases does a personal injury attorney handle?

An accident attorney handles claims for compensation resulting from accidents to bring the due benefits to victims. A personal injury attorney may be a “jack of all trades” or specialize in a narrow field. Most bring their diligence to work with victims of accidents such as:

Should I hire an attorney after a car accident?

It’s always wise to at least get an initial consultation, especially if you have been insured. Insurance companies usually do not have your best interests in mind and the other driver may try to claim that you were at fault. With a lawyer on your side, you can navigate insurance policies, medical expenses, and the court system with confidence. Read more: 15 Things to Know When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida

What should I look for when hiring a personal injury lawyer?

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, look for an attorney with good professional reviews, and one who is attentive, punctual, and experienced with cases similar to yours. Avoid attorneys who are impatient, have limited flexibility, or have professional complaint records. Read more: 4 Tips for Finding the Best Personal Injury Attorney

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

The cost to hire a personal injury attorney varies. It’s in your best interest to find an attorney that offers a free consultation with no upfront fees. A quality lawyer will offer their services on a contingency basis (i.e., you do not pay unless you win your case). Get a Free Case Evaluation Now.

Should I hire a local accident attorney?

A local attorney who knows the court system, the players, and typical case outcomes in your area is a greater asset than an out-of-area attorney. Plus, a local lawyer may be willing to make a home or hospital visit if your or your loved ones' injury keeps you from coming into their office. Lowman Law Firm serves all of Florida, with offices in Citrus County, Hernando County, Hillsborough County, and Pasco County. Not able to come to us? We’ll come to you! We offer free home and hospital consultations.

Can I represent myself in a personal injury case?

That is your right, however, without an advocate on your side, you could hurt your case. Insurance companies will try to settle for as little money as possible and your personal injury claims fail due to poor preparation and documentation. Ultimately you may sacrifice part or even all of your compensation. Read more: Self-Representation vs. Professional Representation

What should I tell my insurance company after an accident?

It’s important to speak with a lawyer before you speak with your insurance company. This way, you can avoid saying something you may regret. If you do opt to inform the insurance company of the accident first, be sure not to admit fault, and don’t tell them you’re unharmed, as injuries can take several days or even weeks to reveal themselves. Read more: Top Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company After an Auto Accident

What do I do if an uninsured driver hits me?

If an uninsured driver hits you, you may choose to collect damages from your insurance company or seek damages from the at-fault uninsured driver. It’s also beneficial to pick up additional coverage such as Uninsured Motorist Coverage, Underinsured Motorist Coverage, and Collision Coverage to further protect yourself. Read more: What Happens if an Uninsured Driver Hits Your Car in Florida?

What type of compensation can I get following an accident?

Accident victims can pursue compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and loss of future earnings, medical bills including hospital stays, disfigurement, disability, and emotional distress. Read more: Types of Compensation

Are there statutes of limitations for filing an accident lawsuit?

Accident claims are time-sensitive in Florida, so the longer you wait to file, the less likely you will receive the compensation you want. Hiring a personal injury attorney as soon as you can after the incident occurs should be a priority as there is a lot to plan and prepare for when filing a lawsuit before the deadline. Read more: How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Settlement Take?

What should I do after I’ve been in an auto accident?

There are several things you should do immediately after an accident:

  • Make sure everyone is okay and out of harm’s way
  • Collect information from the other driver and any witnesses
  • Take notes (names, license plate numbers, etc.) and photos (vehicle damages and personal injuries, as well as weather, traffic, and road conditions)
  • Contact the police, your insurance company, and a personal injury lawyer
  • Do not admit fault or state that you are unharmed to the police or the insurance company
Read more: 7 Questions to Ask After a Car Accident in Florida

What happens if someone gets into an accident while driving my car?

if someone crashes your car, as the owner you are typically responsible for any damages or injuries. With the vehicle and the insurance attached to it under your name, you bear the consequences of another person’s actions when you hand them the keys. There are exceptions, such as non-permissive use, borrower’s household status, who’s at fault, driver exclusions, valet accidents, and so on. Read more: What Happens if Someone Else Is Driving My Car and Gets in an Accident?

How does a personal injury lawyer prove I was not at fault?

An experienced attorney will review all aspects of the case, including the police report, statements from witnesses, photographic and video evidence (such as red light cameras), and state traffic laws. They will also consider “no doubt liability” conditions, such as rear-end collisions, drunk driving accidents, and accidents occurring during a left turn. Read more: 6 Ways to Prove Auto Accident Liability (+ Partial Fault Accidents)

Does Lowman Law Firm handle DUI cases?

At Lowman Law Firm, we work for victims of DUI accidents, not drunk drivers. We are proud supporters of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and believe there is no excuse for getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. We will work tirelessly for you to get you the compensation you deserve. Read more: DUI Accident Victims

Do I have a case if an accident aggravates a pre-existing injury?

Yes. While you cannot recover compensation for a pre-existing condition or injury, you are entitled to compensation for the aggravation, increase in the severity of pain, or new treatment you’ll need to seek for the existing condition. Read more: My Pre-Existing Injury Was Aggravated in a Car Accident: Now What?

I was injured in a rideshare accident. Do I have a case?

Yes, however Uber and Lyft are notoriously difficult to work and will force you to work with your own insurance company, Uber’s corporate insurer, and the Uber driver’s personal insurance company. This can cause extra complications so it’s best to hire a lawyer who understands laws regarding rideshare accidents. Read more: Uber and Lyft Accidents

What is PIP insurance and how does it work?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and is required for all Florida drivers. It makes the individual responsible for their own injuries in an accident regardless of fault. If damages exceed your PIP coverage, you can bring about a case to collect what you are owed. Read more: Is PIP Insurance Required on my Policy in Florida?

When do I have a valid slip and fall case?

If a property owner was aware of a problem and didn't fix it, resulting in your injury, they can be held responsible as they have  breached their “duty of care,” which means they failed to maintain “the measures that a reasonable person would take to reduce the risk of harm.” Read more: What to Do if You Have a Slip and Fall Accident

Who’s at fault in a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian or bicyclist?

While the adage “pedestrians (and bicyclists) always have the right of way” is often true, that does not give them free reign to ignore reasonable care. While the driver is often to blame, in the event that a pedestrian or bicyclist is crossing traffic against safety signals or walking in restricted areas, they may be deemed negligent and held partially or wholly at fault. Read more: Who is at Fault in a Pedestrian Accident?

Who’s at fault in a motorcycle accident?

Some possible parties that may be at fault for the motorcycle accident include:

  • The manufacturer of the motorcycle
  • The vehicle that was involved in the accident
  • The government agency responsible for maintaining the roadways
  • The repair shop responsible for repairing or maintaining the motorcycle
  • The motorcycle rental company
  • The motorcyclist 
Read more: Motorcycle Accidents

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