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Unfortunately, automobile accidents are part of our everyday reality, whether we are witnesses or victims. They are part of our commuter consciousness. When we tune to the traffic report it is an implicit acknowledgment of the imminent danger they pose.

We here at Lowman Law Firm in Brooksville are well-aware of the risk getting behind the wheel poses. After all, we are drivers, too! We understand the potential threat of injury, or even death, that other drivers represent. Some common car accident cases that we see in Spring Hill and the surrounding areas are:

Understanding The Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents often lead to unwanted consequences; including loss of income and permanent injuries. The attorneys at Lowman Law Firm would like you to take a look at causes of accidents, to better prepare you as a driver and to prevent future accidents and hardships.

A lot of items in the following list are common sense issues—often taken for granted by experienced drivers. However, the end result of taking these causes for granted is often an automobile accident. We simply assume we know these things, and by force of habit, fail to review in our minds these all-too-common pitfalls of navigating our motorways. The following list (by no means exhaustive) is meant both for the novice and for the experienced drivers out there.

Distracted Driving

Statistically, the number one cause of accidents on the road today is distractions while driving. Eating and drinking, cell phone usage and fiddling with the stereo are all examples of distracted driving.

According to statistics from, "in 2014, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers." Also, it is estimated that "at any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving, a number that has remained steady since 2010."


We here in Spring Hill and Central Florida deal with rain all the time, so much so that we often take the change in road conditions for granted. As opposed to taking the recommended necessary precautions – braking earlier, slowing down, turning on head lights etc. – because we see rain often, we fail to do one or more preventative measures.

This can lead to increased risk of collisions--especially when traffic comes to a sudden and unexpected halt.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Too often we neglect to use our turn signals or thoroughly check our blind spots when changing lanes. This is a frequent cause of sideswipe accidents on I-275 and other major roadways throughout Florida.

Drunk Driving

With good reason, this a cause of accidents that is given a high-profile treatment. Drunk driving is completely preventable and irresponsible—which is why we work hard to make sure drunk drivers are held accountable for their actions.

If you spot a drunk driver, you should always drive defensively and try to keep well away from the intoxicated driver. Keeping an eye out for vehicles that are having difficulty staying in their lane and other warning signs is a must for staying safe.


Following another vehicle too closely can set you up for a potential accident, one that often has serious consequences. Every vehicle needs a specific distance to come to a halt. Factors such as the size of your vehicle, road conditions, tire/brake quality, and speed can all influence how much space you need to come to a complete stop.

Always stay a safe distance from the driver in front of you. It's better to give that car in front of you a few extra feet of space than it is to end up with a busted bumper or worse.

Road Rage

With increasing congestion on our roadways, it's easy to lose our cool. Always maintain your calm. Breathe. Focus on your task at hand. Do not retaliate because another driver made a mistake and cut you off. As they say, "stay the course."

You never know who you're dealing with in the other vehicle. It's not worth wasting your time and risking your life to give the other driver a piece of your mind.

Street Racing

Here in the greater Tampa Bay, Central Florida area, we were are all aware of the dangers of road racing. Public roadways are not raceways. Many roads have issues such as uneven lanes, pot holes, and blind corners that are a nuisance at low speeds, but potentially deadly at high speeds.

There are many other contributors to accidents. This is only a partial list. We here at Lowman Law Firm, support defensive, sensible driving. In the case of an unfortunate car wreck, particularly one resulting in injury and loss of income, please contact our tenacious, experienced, results-focused automobile accident attorneys.

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