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Getting your driver’s license is generally exciting for teenagers, but nerve wracking for parents since they may not fully grasp the implications of driving without a care.

You hope, as a parent, they stay focused on the road, aware of road signs and speed limits, and pay attention to the other drivers on the road.

Discover 8 back to school driving tips for your teenagers

When family summer vacation travels have ended and the kids are heading back to school, there’s even more cautions to be aware of on the road, i.e. school zones and bus stops.

8 Back to School Driving Tips

Since the school year is picking up and new drivers are entering the road, there are a few back to school driving tips to help keep your teenager safe because a car accident is probably not how you or your child planned on kicking off the school year.

Below are a list of 8 common sense driving tips to remind your new driver how best to stay safe throughout the school year:

  1. Be aware of school zones and slow down
  2. Keep your cell phone put away, so you won’t be tempted to peek or respond to a text
  3. Avoid driving faster than the speed limit
  4. Look out for kids at school bus stops and pedestrians crossing the road
  5. Avoid media player distractions
  6. Type your destination(s) in before starting your car
  7. Wear your seat belt- at all times
  8. Leave a little earlier so you’re not rushing or battling traffic

Back to School Driving

Some of the tips may seem trivial or are common sense, but they are easily overlooked. Even though your teen passed the driving course, there is still a lot to learn about driving.

Make sure that they have a good night’s rest to help them focus on driving keeping their eyes on the road and be aware of the drivers and other school children around them.

As always, the personal injury attorneys at Lowman Law Firm want to help you keep your family safe this school year, so we hope you and your family have a great school year and stay safe.

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