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A car accident. The silver car to the left bumped into the back of the blue car to the right.Car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Some studies say that most car accidents happen within ten minutes of your own home. But what are the top most common reasons for car accidents, and how can you avoid them? The act of driving may become habitual the longer you drive, but every time you sit behind the steering wheel, you hold the responsibility of yourself and those around you in your hands.

The following list is not in any specific order; any variable that takes away from the responsibility or safety of driving itself is important in the moment of the accident.

1.) Texting

While texting and driving may be lawfully banned in Florida, people will most likely still break this law, even though it is a high cause of car accidents and even death. Do not let yourself text and drive. Texting takes your attention away from driving and greatly increases your chances of getting into a car accident.

2.) Music

Fiddling with your music device or radio while driving can cause a large distraction that in turn causes an accident. Create a playlist or choose your favorite station ahead of time, and if you must change the station or song, do so at a stop sign or a stop light when your vehicle is at a safe and complete stop.

3.) The Driver’s Lack of Attention 

Blind spots are one of the most dangerous parts of the car, because the driver cannot see the vehicles around them. Most accidents happen when a driver changes lanes and hits a vehicle that was in their blind spot. Be sure to look in all of your mirrors to be aware of your blind spot. Try to stay out of the blind spots of other drivers.

4.) Speeding

Speed limits exist for the general safety of everyone on the road. Going too slow can be just as harmful as going too fast. Speeding can make your car lose control. Keep control of your car and go the speed limit.

5.) Alcohol

Alcohol impairs your judgment and reactionary ability, meaning you will not be able to make a quick decision if necessary, and you will not have the ability to stop when needed. Many lives have been lost due to drunk driving. If you drink, be sure to have a safe ride home.

6.) Reckless driving

While chase scenes may look fun in the movies, driving your car recklessly is not as action packed. Taking sharp turns, unauthorized U-turns, and horse-playing while driving can lead to serious consequences. Always drive safely and cautiously.

7.) Weather

While we do not need to worry about snow in Florida, we do need to worry about heavy rain, fog, or other environments that can obstruct our view.

8.) Not Following the Law

Running stop signs and putting the pedal to the metal when the light turns yellow may seem like a good idea at the time, when really it is simply impatient. Take the time to follow the rules of the road, and if necessary, leave your house early to get to your destination on time regardless of the amount of traffic.

9.) Being Tired

Do not fall asleep at your wheel. If you begin to feel tired, get yourself to the nearest motel for a quick nap. If you must keep driving, grab yourself a cup of coffee to keep you awake.

10.) Poor Maintenance

While the maintenance of the road is entirely up to the local government, the maintenance of your car is just as important. Get your car checked often and ensure its proper maintenance. When something is broken, get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid a larger problem down the road.

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Car accidents are never a good experience for anyone involved. Make sure to do your part in keeping the road safe for yourself and others. If everyone took the necessary precaution, the road would be a much safer place to drive. If you do not feel your best while behind the wheel, make the necessary arrangements to have someone drive you to your destination. Talk to your family about road safety on a regular basis so they too can keep the road safe. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, contact us today for a free consultation. Our personal injury attorneys here at Lowman Law have the experience and expertise needed to represent you.

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