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Prevent Motorcycle AccidentPoint blank, motorcycle accidents are never easy to deal with. It takes time and a developed instinct to learn the warning signs and how to steer clear of potential accidents lurking around every corner and intersection. This puts a substantial burden on the motorcyclist, since cars can be reckless and fail to see you on the road.

In order to prevent accidents from happening, there are precautions you can take and enforce with yourself to increase your safety and awareness on the road. As stated before, you bear the burden as the smaller vehicle, and verily need to take extra heed to protect yourself.

Some ways to prevent motorcycle accidents:

  • Wear bright, reflective clothing, because sometimes your smaller tail-lights may not be enough to be seen (especially at night).

  • Don’t weave through traffic. Most cars want to be in the lane that’s going the fastest, and if you’re weaving in and out trying to get where they also wish to go, you risk being in someone’s blind spot and them hitting you—hard.

  • Always assume other drivers can’t see you. Taking this defensive stance will enable you to make safer driving decisions while on the road and viewing the behavior of other drivers. This comes into play especially when a car is trying to turn left at a light and you are driving straight through; they may not even see you, and think they have enough time to drive through before the light changes.

  • Slow down when taking corners, as you never know if the curve is going to be narrower or another car is going to come from the other direction barreling into your lane.

  • Be cognizant of the weather—especially in Florida, where it can rain at a moment’s notice. We all know as motorists when it first starts raining is when the roads are most dangerous, with the tires and road becoming initially slickened by the water. Adjust your driving as a motorcyclist, and go appropriate speeds and practice levels of caution.

  • Learn to trail brake. This is a high-level skill, and you need to practice this and get sufficient guidance from a professional before attempting. Trail braking is successful use of swapping brakes and throttling. You’ll learn the balancing of your bike, and realize the weight has a forward distribution, and can use this to learn the best braking techniques. Cutting speed before potential impact can make a huge difference in injuries.

The best techniques you can learn are in a motorcycle safety class, where a professional can walk you through the safest and most foolproof methods to take onto the road with you. There are a variety of different models and kinds of motorcycles, which means there is a learning curve that exists no matter how many motorcycles you’ve ridden before.

Despite practicing safety techniques, the fact remains that accidents still happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please contact us for more information on how to move forward with your injury claim. We are well-versed and experienced motorcycle accident attorneys that are invested in helping you.


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