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Much of a motorcycle accident claim is determined by how you react on-site.
Motorcycle accidents, just like other automobile accidents, can be great stressors in the lives of their victims, and recovering from them can often be difficult physically, emotionally and financially.

For this reason, and in circumstances where doing such is practical, many motorcycle accident victims seek compensation for their accident and medical fees through insurance claims between the parties involved. If you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident, and seek insurance compensation to help you get back on your feet financially after an accident, filing an accident claim and getting proper representation can be essential.

The biggest thing to keep in mind following a motorcycle accident is that you’re never alone. There are trained, experienced and compassionate motorcycle accident attorneys in your community who can help you get the compensation you deserve and need after an accident.

In this blog, we’ll look at four essential steps to help you simplify your motorcycle accident claim and get the full financial support you seek.

1.) Always Contact the Authorities, and Seek Medical Attention if Needed

For starters, if you or a loved one have been in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to contact the police right away, as well as any necessary medical attention. This is important for more than just immediate health assurance and your own well being; doing so also provides a reliable, official record of your accident, and any medical visits resulting from it.

These records are often the most reviewed and referred-to components in a motorcycle accident claim. Whatever the cause of your accident, it’s always better for your own well being and your legal claim if necessary medical attention is sought sooner, rather than later.

It’s been estimated that the average hospital charges for motorcycle accident victims can well exceed $50,000, causing significant strain on victims should certain, necessary treatments not be covered by insurance.

Don’t wait to get the attention you need immediately following an accident. Doing so can affect insurance coverage for your treatment, and even influence the outcome of your accident claim.

2.) Know Who to Talk to, and What to Say

Immediately following an accident, it’s almost always a good idea to contact your insurance agency and find out how the accident will likely affect your insurance, as well as what information you will need right away to build the strongest motorcycle accident claim possible.

Before you contact your insurance agency, or those of others involved in your accident, we recommend reaching out to an experienced accident attorney in your area; these professionals serve as ultimate accident resources following unfortunate situations such as these, and can help you collect information for your claim and get the full compensation you deserve.

3.) Gather Evidence On-Location to Support Your Accident Claim

The quality and strength of your motorcycle accident claim depends almost entirely on what you do on-site, such as who you talk to and what kinds of evidence you can gather. In addition to speaking with insurance agencies and contacting an attorney in your area, gathering supporting evidence on-site can entirely change the outcome of your motorcycle accident claim.

 If you can, take special note of the following on-site after an accident, or even snap a few quick photographs, as this can do wonders for your claim and ultimately help you get the financial compensation you need:

  • Road conditions, such as pot holes, cracks or uneven lanes
  • Environmental conditions and weather
  • Visibility
  • Roadway obstructions
  • Driver and witness information for all those involved/at the scene
  • Signs of driver impairment

4.) Improving Your Claim and Getting the Compensation You Deserve

If you believe you have a strong motorcycle accident claim, and deserve compensation for your accident due to negligence, insurance coverage or driver liability, don’t wait to file a claim. The longer you wait, the less likely your claim will hold up in court.

Beyond acting quickly, and thoroughly gathering support evidence for your claim, one of the most helpful things you can do is contact an experienced, compassionate motorcycle accident attorney in your area. Whether your accident involves other vehicles, trucks, pedestrians or even stationary objects, attorneys in your community can help you prepare your claim and get the financial compensation you are entitled for.

Every year, thousands of accident victims miss out on compensation and claim benefits by taking on their accident claim alone, and ultimately losing it in court. Don’t make this unnecessary, costly mistake; instead, contact a motorcycle accident attorney in your area who can fight for your needs, and ease any stresses the legal process adds to an already frustrating situation.

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