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What you don't know about auto accident claims can affect your compensation.
Recovering from an auto accident is a difficult enough process in its own right; there’s so much going on following an accident, from medical consultations and treatments to lengthy communication between insurance agencies and affected parties, that accident victims often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer influx of information and stress.

For Florida auto accident claims, specifically, there are numerous risks and factors involved that can entirely change the outcome of your claim, and the amount of compensation you may be eligible for. Unique roadway conditions, weather and traffic patterns frequently contribute to, or even outright cause, accidents that are otherwise preventable.

When taking your auto accident claim to court, it’s important to justify your claim with exacting evidence, and know the best communication practices for dealing with insurance companies. For these reasons, many accident victims take advantage of what auto accident attorneys in their local community can bring to their claim.

If you believe any of the following could help your claim in court, and earn you the damage coverage and compensation you deserve, consider contacting an experienced, compassionate auto accident attorney in your area:

  • Effective and timely claim filing

  • Realism, and simplification of complex legal terms and processes

  • A seasoned, knowledgeable professional with lengthy experience in cases similar to yours

  • Improved documentation gathering, or a comprehensive, inclusive collection of forms related to your case

For auto accident claims, what you don’t know about the legal process can affect, or even entirely cost you, your needed compensation; that’s why it’s critical to learn and avoid these risk factors when pursuing your claim.

Risks Posed When Filing an Accident Claim

Just like Florida roads and highways, there is a conceptual minefield of common risks and small factors that can put your accident claim in danger, and affect the compensation you are due to receive.

These risks vary from accident claim to accident claim (as no two situations are exactly alike), and typically include:

  • Poor evidence gathering and documentation keeping; a large portion of your rewards will be determined by what you can and cannot prove officially. This goes for any medical documentation, citations, police reports and insurance paperwork

  • The promptness with which you contact attorneys, insurance companies and any other parties related to your auto accident claim; generally, the longer you wait, the less likelihood your case will bring substantial results

  • How you contact those involved in your claim; a common mistake thousands of accident victims make ever year is engaging in long, complex and frustrating conversations with insurance agencies and officials alone. Doing so can put compensation at risk. It’s always best to contact a local, compassionate accident attorney in your area first, who can improve the strength of your claims and simplify talks with involved agencies.

  • How you act on-location of your accident site; while it may be too late to consider this for your current accident claim, it’s always a good thing to keep in mind for the future. How you initially react to an accident and document evidence on-site of your accident can drastically improve your claim. For this reason, keeping a notepad and pen, or camera, in your vehicle can be essential, and help you create a clearer picture of involved factors in your accident. Were road conditions particularly bad at your accident location? What about sun placement, or weather? Snap a photo to have a tangible, clear descriptor of factors in your future accidents.

What You Can Do to Limit These Risks

Beyond safer driving practices and seeking prompt medical attention in the aftermath of an auto accident, there are some further steps you can take to limit risks to your claim, and improve your chances of getting the reward compensation you deserve.

The greatest of these steps, beyond documenting evidence and initiating your case effectively with the involved parties, is seeking out an experienced, understanding auto accident attorney in your community. Find a legal representative with extensive work in cases similar to yours, with high success rates and reliability. You want to find not only an attorney with a long track record of success in accidents much like your own, but also a sense of realism, and honest commitment to their clients.

To do this, scheduling a free initial consultation can be extremely helpful, as you can use these meetings to gauge an attorneys communicability, and professional experience in cases that match your circumstances, whether it’s a rear-end collision, drunk driving accident, head-on collision or highway collision.   

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