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Teenage Driver Accident

Year in and year out national statistics on auto accidents reveal some frightening teenage driver accident statistics. While the stats are always released atleast a year postponed, we wanted to gather and share the most crucial to help construct a clear picture of teenage driver accident statistics in the U.S.

We wanted to do this, not to denigrate teenagers or young drivers, but to raise a sense of urgency among parents, teachers, coaches and people in the position to influence teenagers to follow safer driving practices.

Here's what we found...

Teenage Accident Statistics

  • Auto accidents are the number 1 cause of death for teenagers (15 to 20 years old).
  • When teenage drivers have passengers in the car, the risk of a fatal car crash DOUBLES.
  • When teenage drivers have 2 or more passengers, the risk of a fatal car crashes increase by up to 500%.
  • Teenage drivers have the lowest rate of seat belt use.
  • Teenage driver accident rates are over 3.5 times the rates of adult drivers.
  • Distracted driving accident rates are highest among teenage drivers (i.e. cell phone use, texting, music player etc.)
  • Nearly 55% of teens polled admit that they talk on cell phones while driving.
  • 25% of teenage drivers who are killed in car crashes have Blood Alcohol Percentages (BAC) over the legal limit of 0.8.
  • Nearly 60% of teenagers killed in car crashes were not wearing seat belts.
  • In accidents resulting in a teenage driver fatality, on average 2 other people are killed in the accident (passengers and other drivers).
  • Over 60% of teens polled admit to "risky driving habits" (speeding, unsafe passing, etc.)
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports 600,000 teens were injured in car accidents in 2008.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that on average, every hour during weekends and every two hours during weekdays, a teenager dies in a car accident.


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