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Common Causes for Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle accidents are very common in Florida due to our weather conditions and lifestyle. To many, it is a hobby or even a way to save money on gas prices. Unfortunately, these accidents occur more often than we would like to think—according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there was a “7-percent increase” in motorcycle fatalities from 4,630 to 4,957 from 2011 to 2012. A clear lack of thorough research on motorcycles is apparent when seeking figures and causes for common causes of crashes.

However, one thing is clear: per mile traveled, “motorcyclists were more than 26 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a traffic crash.” The risk factor exists, and it’s up to all of us as motorists and drivers to be aware of motorcycles and vice versa for optimum safety practices.

What are the Causes?

We have compiled a list of common motorcycle accident triggers. Let others know about this so we can practice safe driving practices and accident prevention

  • A lack of experience: oftentimes, it’s not even weather conditions that can spur an accident. It is important to know your motorcycle’s model and tendencies with steering and braking before taking it out on the open road. This will prepare you for unanticipated situations so you can react accordingly and prevent possible accidents that could’ve occurred due to mishandling or a shortcoming in experience. Everyone starts somewhere, but don’t overestimate your skills; don’t go on the highway or through a construction zone unless you’re 100% comfortable with your motorcycle first.

  • Less visibility to vehicles: this isn’t your fault as a motorcyclist, but this means you have to always practice safety to compensate for others’ lack of attention to you. Your bike is smaller than a car, and full-size vehicles are often not looking for you or even notice you (especially if you’re in their blind spot). Never assume a driver can see you; you must be defensive at all times, because an accident can easily happen, especially if you’re speeding or weaving. This brings us to our next point.

  • Weaving: don’t underestimate the dangers of weaving through traffic. Regardless of whether this may be legal in your area or not, it only takes one moment of losing control to hit another car. That, or once the light turns green, cars will most likely disregard you—many motorists can become unsettled when seeing a motorcycle out of place. As a motorcyclist, if you hit a car while doing this, it can be seen as reckless or even negligent. Don’t put yourself in that position, especially when it can hurt others.

  • Not wearing a helmet: in a study conducted of motorcyclists in 2007, it was shown that 50% of those that were wearing a non-compliant helmet received head injuries in comparison to only 23% that were wearing a compliant helmet. There is no barrier besides the protective clothing and helmet you wear between you and the road, should an accident happens that dislodges you from your motorcycle. Oftentimes, it can be the difference between life and death; unfortunately, in Florida wearing a helmet is not enforced.

Key Takeaway

Many causes of motorcycle accidents exist, but these are merely a prominent few to insight thought and inspiration to practice safety while on the road. This is a responsibility that should be shared by all motorists and drivers. While that’s not always the case, you can protect yourself and avoid being negligent on the road or driving while drunk (whether you’re in a motorcycle or vehicle). Have you been in a motorcycle accident? We have all the necessary tools to help you with your claim and take the steps to receive your due compensation! Call us today, and speak to an experienced motorcycle attorney immediately with no requirements or fees!


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