Sudden Stop Motorcycle Accidents

What are “Sudden Stops?”

One of the most common causes for Spring Hill motorcycle accidents is a rear-end collision or “sudden stop.” As opposed to an automobile rear-end accident where two cars are involved, the statistical spike in fatalities and permanent injury or disfigurement when motorcycles are involved in the wreck is noteworthy. Sudden stops can cause the bike to cartwheel, turning end-over-end, catapulting the operator and frequently result in serious injury or motorcyclist death as the driver strikes any objects, fixed or moving, in his or her path. Some common injuries that may result from a sudden stop motorcycle accident include:

  • Brain trauma
  • Concussion
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis

Conversely, being hit from behind by another motor vehicle can throw the biker forward off of his or her bike, causing significant brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, facial disfigurement and potentially prove fatal.

Helping Improve Your Chances in a Sudden Stop Motorcycle Accident

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Lowman Law Firm are here to help. We at Lowman Law Firm support our motorcyclists, and in doing so encourage mindful, safe motorcycling. Here are a few tips to help you ride more safely:

  • Know how luggage or a passenger influences your stop time
  • Always travel a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you
  • Obey speed limits
  • Slow down in construction zones, residential areas and school zones
  • In stop and go traffic, build a cushion between you and the vehicle ahead of you so you can help bring traffic behind you to slower stops
  • Build a “space bubble” around you
  • Tap your brakes so you signal your brake lights, capturing the attention of drivers behind you

Have You Been Forced to Stop Suddenly in Brooksville, Spring Hill or Hernando County?

If you think that you may not be at fault in a motorcycle accident where you were forced to suddenly stop and think you may need motorcycle accident lawyer, you probably do. Lowman Law Firm is as dogged as compassionate and will seek the maximum compensation available to you in the event of a sudden stop accident here in Central Florida.  

Likewise, if someone you know was gravely injured in a motorcycle sudden stop wreck or was the victim of a rear-end collision with a car or truck, Lowman Law Firm’s capable, thorough and persistent lawyers will work tirelessly to get the justice you deserve and the recompense your family needs to cover those sky high medical and emergency costs, rehabilitation bills and lost wages.