Are You Suffering from Hit and Run Car Accident Injuries?

Unfortunately, there are risks associated with driving, whether you drive a car, truck or a motorcycle.

It is irritating enough when we are in an accident where both parties take responsibility by complying with all state laws and exchanging insurance information. But what about when someone leaves the scene of the accident, leaving you stranded, or possibly even injured?

Head and spinal injuries, facial disfigurement, broken bones and injured joints and even death are all possibilities of any collision. At Lowman Law Firm, we know that you do not deserve to be left at the scene wondering if the other party will uphold their legal duties to both you and law enforcement.

photo being taken of car accident and possible hit and run



An accident is considered a hit and run case when one party who has caused or contributed to a collision with another party leaves the scene of the wreck without identifying oneself, and it is a crime.


Lowman Law Firm: Seeking Justice For You After a Hit and Run Accident

When a hit and run accident involves injuries to another person, punishment can depend on the circumstances. It is one of many reasons you should contact the attorneys at Lowman Law Firm. We serve Spring Hill, Brooksville, Hernando County and Central Florida.

We know the laws that govern hit and run accidents. And we have insight into seeking legal restitution if you are the victim of someone fleeing the scene of an accident. With Lowman Law Firm, you can be sure that we will zealously seek justice if we represent you in your case.

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You should always contact an attorney after an accident. Lowman Law Firm has the skill and expertise to be your car accident attorney should the need rise.

Remember: Accidents Must be Reported to Law Enforcement

Do not take the law into your own hands. Even when, especially when the other party flees the scene of the wreck, make sure you contact law enforcement first. After the police officer handles all required duties and you are cleared to leave, contact Lowman Law Firm.

If you require hospitalization, when you are able, you should then contact an attorney. We, at Lowman Law Firm serving Brooksville and Spring Hill, Florida want to be your automobile accident attorneys. With our experience, tenacity and insight, we can help you get the justice and restitution you deserve after a hit and run collision.