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Motorcycle_HelmetWhen you were younger, your parents most likely reminded you to put on your helmet before you hopped on your bicycle to go for a quick spin around the neighborhood.

Carrying that same philosophy into your adulthood, wearing a helmet is a good practice to continue if you ride a motorcycle in Citrus county.

As the years go by, road congestion isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Due to heightened road congestion, motorcycle accidents have statistically increased over the years.

You may think that you will never become a statistic-- even in your wildest dream, it wasn’t possible. Well, the truth is, without the added precaution of wearing a motorcycle helmet, the chances of you becoming a statistic drastically increases.

Studies have shown that when calculating the miles traveled per vehicle, the risk of fatalities in motorcycle related crashes is thirty-five times that in comparison to an automobile.

With those types of realities, the government has created and implemented laws to help reduce fatalities and injuries related to motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Safety Laws

In Citrus county, Florida legislation decided to pass a law regarding motorcycle helmets. Essentially, it states that the operator of the motorcycle along with their accompanying riders are required to wear a helmet.

If the operator or passenger is twenty-one years of age or older, than he or she is not required by law to wear a helmet; however, their insurance policy must allow them to do so.

While Citrus county, and Florida in general, has the ideal motorcycle riding weather year round, the state also has the largest amount of motorcycle crash related fatalities.

Possible Motorcycle Crash Injuries

If you were not fatally wounded from a motorcycle accident, then chances are you suffered some injuries instead. Approximately 35% of all motorcycle accidents have resulted in major impacts on the chin-bar region of the face.

Some of the injuries you may sustain from a motorcycle accident include:

  • A concussion or brain damage
  • Broken joints (elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and wrists), fingers, spine and neck
  • Soft tissue (skin and muscle) damage
  • Facial disfigurement, if in the absence of a full-face helmet

Will You Wear a Helmet Next Time?

As the population increases, so do the number of drivers. These shifts also increase the likelihood of more distracted drivers which can result in more injuries or fatalities in motorcycle and vehicular accidents.

The increase in motorcycle-related injuries and fatalities has prompted legislation to take action and create motorcycle helmet laws for your protection.

If you, or someone you know, have been the victim of a motorcycle accident you should contact an attorney who can help you.


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