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Florida is no stranger to gusty winds and intense hurricane seasons that leave homeowners and renters property wrecked in their aftermaths.

Hurricane Florida

Luckily, many people try to make the best of mother nature stocking up on goods for hurricane parties and their generators.

Though, often times the threatening hurricane will mild down to a tropical storm.

The thought was hurricane Hermine which hit Florida earlier this month was one of those instances. While the winds and rainfall may have been lighter, some Florida cities were unable to avoid its aftermath.

In some instances businesses and homes were flooded up to half a foot high or more.

So, with all of the damage that Hermine left behind in Crystal River, you may be wondering how they are cleaning up the aftermath.

Well, after the flooding cleared, homeowners began emptying out their homes of soiled and damaged appliances, furniture etc.

Even though these items are cleared out of their homes, they now live in the streets and residents are wondering when the government is going to intervene and pick-up all the rubbish.

Government officials responses to these concerns are that FEMA only pays for two rounds of cleanup, so they are giving people enough time to get rid of their damaged items to go back again.

Hurricanes and tropical storms can not only leave hundreds to thousands of dollars in property damage behind, they can also lead to personal injuries and sometimes death.

Even though Hermine passed, future hurricanes and tropical storms continuously storm through during the season, so be prepared to protect your home, your belongings, your pets and yourself during these severe mother nature storms. 


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