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The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the everyday lives of millions of people. This will not stop personal injuries from occurring to thousands of people, and it should not stop those people from receiving compensation when it’s deserved. However, in this uncertainty of COVID-19, personal injury victims may be wondering: How will COVID-19 affect my personal injury claim?

Though you should not delay filing your claim, there are some factors to consider where a victim's personal injury case may be affected by COVID-19. 

Personal Injury Victims and Medical Treatment

Personal injury victims may be concerned about medical treatment during COVID-19. Although people susceptible to serious complications of the virus, such as the elderly and immunocompromised, may want to skip the doctor’s office, it’s still important to seek medical help after an accident in case of any underlying injuries. 

Besides going to a hospital for health reasons, receiving a medical professional’s documentation is key for receiving the full amount of compensation you deserve after a personal injury claim. Without medical documentation recently after your incident, your personal injury claim may be considered too weak and devalued.

If your injuries are not severe enough for an immediate trip to the emergency department after your accident, then receiving medical treatment needs to be a priority as soon as you can. Call your local clinic to ask about best practices to minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

Unpaid Insurance Premiums and Responsible Parties

With the closure of non-essential businesses and other effects from COVID-19, much of the global economy has been affected. People have lost their jobs and have been cutting expenses where they can. Some have chosen not to pay their insurance premiums, which has resulted in many uninsured motorists on the road than before and increasingly fickle insurance companies.  

If insurance companies are busy trying to collect payments from unpaying motorists, they may be more reluctant to approve your personal injury claim to protect their bottom line. Any weakness in your case, such as a delayed medical report, can be made as an excuse to an insurer to deny or deny compensation for your claim. 

You Could Feel Pressured to Settle Your Personal Injury Claim

Due to the volatile stock market and unpaid insurance premiums on the rise, an insurance company may try and pressure you to settle your personal injury claim for a lower price. If you don’t have a personal injury attorney fighting for your rights, it may be harder to receive the full amount that you deserve. Insurers may pressure you to settle for your personal injury claim as soon as possible so you don’t have legal representation on your behalf. 

However, just because an insurance agency is trying to force you to settle for less doesn’t mean that you should. With a personal injury lawyer, you can have the research and skills to challenge an insurance company’s offer so you don’t have to pay for all your medical expenses on your own. 

Delayed Court Hearings Could Prolong Personal Injury Case

The coronavirus has directly affected both state and federal-level courthouses for an indefinite amount of time. To limit the spread of transmission, many courthouses are closed and some processes that can only be completed in court can be done on limited days of each week. As a result, it’s likely your personal injury claim settlement process may be delayed. 

Schedules and processing will likely be slower than usual for personal injury claims, which can be frustrating when you just want the compensation you need after an accident. What used to take weeks could now take months. However, it’s important to not be discouraged. It’s crucial to act as quickly as possible to file your personal injury claim and request the help of a personal injury lawyer so that you’re not alone fighting for your hearing claim. Although you can’t change the current limitations on courts, by planning ahead with a personal injury lawyer you can ensure everything is being done possible for your case. 

In Florida courts, in-person services are limited since both local and state courts are closed. For more information about your local county court, the Florida Supreme Court has a list of resources available.  

Why You Should Move Forward with Your Personal Injury Claim During COVID-19

Although insurance companies and courts have been affected by COVID-19, medical bills will still be the same. You still need compensation to continue life after a personal injury accident and COVID-19 should not stop you from receiving what you deserve.

It’s critical for your personal injury claim that you don’t delay filing due to the coronavirus. Seek a doctor’s medical evaluation and a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. Delaying seeking medical documentation and legal assistance will only hurt your case and give advantage to the insurance companies. In this uncertain climate of COVID-19, having a personal injury lawyer as your advocate can be an immense help to you during an already difficult time in your life. 

Don’t deal with the challenges of the court system and insurance companies alone. Professional legal representation can help mitigate the ordeal and be a comfort to you during this difficult time. If you or a loved one want to learn more about receiving a free consultation for your case, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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