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Funny Florida Laws

Dumb laws. Every state has them (if you’ve been playing bingo for over five hours in North Carolina, or brought your pet flamingo into a barber shop in Alaska, let me see those hands!) So, obviously, I’m not talking about a respectable law that you may just happen to disagree with. I’m talking about completely silly laws that no one follows and no one cares about, but still somehow have a spot in the record books.

This week, I'm dialing down the seriousness, and turning up the funny. Here are my top 12 strange, hilarious, and just plain messed-up Florida laws!

1. Singing in public while wearing a bathing suit.

So much for Florida spring break, who wants khaki-pants karaoke?

2. Falling asleep under a salon hood hair dryer.

“I love the smell of nice n’ easy in the morning…”

3. All doors must open outward on public buildings.

This would save us from the embarrassment of pushing when we should be pulling...

4. Sexual relations with a porcupine.

I think the ouch may even outweigh the eww.

5. Showering naked.

Really? Guilty.

6. Parachuting on Sundays (if you’re an unmarried woman).

Ladies, just wait until Monday.

7. No strapless gowns for men.

Drag shows will never be the same.

8. Elephant fines.

You can't "park" an elephant on the street without getting a ticket. Oh, Ringling!

9. Strolling or ambling happily.

Wipe that smile off your face; stroll or amble with anger.

10. No farting in a public place after 6pm.

Get it out early, otherwise watch what you eat.

11. No monkeying around.

Imitating zoo animal behavior can put you behind a similar cage.

12. No topless dancers performing topless dances. 

Seems to defeat the purpose.

At Lowman Law Firm, we know how to have a laugh. But we do take the law seriously. If you’ve been involved in any situation that feels overwhelming and you’d like to speak with someone, give us a call anytime. We are here for you.

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