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Checking PIP Claim Online

Although this question appears to be as direct as possible, it takes some explaining to fully understand the answer. Much like health insurance has differing policies, auto insurance companies vary, especially when compared from state to state. Florida is a stand-alone state for its no-fault rule—while others also carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP), there are nuances that separate it from others, such as New York.

After an accident, your PIP claim is available as a manual component of your policy. Regardless of fault, you go through your own PIP insurance, which is (usually) $10,000 of coverage that helps pay for medical bills, transportation and even wage loss. This is for a percentage of costs, and each payment gets deducted from the allotted $10,000 as they get submitted to the insurance company.

But what are these deductions, and can you view them online? This is best answered by explaining how the PIP process works.

When Would You Need To Check Your PIP Claim?

Your PIP coverage covers your expenses after an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Consider that you are injured by a car while riding your bike. If you live in Florida, your PIP may cover all your expenses.

It’s vitally important to file your PIP claim immediately following the accident. Even though Florida provides some cushion of time to claim, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. 

There are some specific guidelines concerning PIP in Florida that you must fall under if you wish to qualify for the full coverage benefits.

The most important is any treatment for injuries sustained by the car accident must happen within two weeks of the incident to be eligible for PIP insurance. After that two weeks, your PIP claim will not be accepted. Additionally, your insurer has up to 60 days to investigate your claim for fraud, but must provide compensation within 30 days even with suspicion. This is the result of Florida’s high rates of insurance fraud.    

You can submit a PIP claim like any other type of insurance, whether through the phone or online. Afterwards, you may be wondering how you can check your insurance claim. First, however, it’s important to know what the PIP log process is and how it operates. 

How Does The PIP Process Work? 

While some insurance companies offer online claim information, most of the time an updated PIP log isn’t included. A PIP log shows all of your payments that were submitted to the auto insurance company for reimbursement. Usually, it names the facility, date of service, and amount billed (among other things, depending on the type of log they use).These are all monitored by your assigned PIP adjuster, who specializes in processing PIP claims for your accident.

Your PIP insurance adjuster is from your own insurance company, so it is recommended you cooperate with them (though not without counsel from an attorney). Oftentimes, in order to activate your benefits, you are required to undergo a recorded statement or have a doctor submit an emergency medical condition (EMC).

How Can You Check Your PIP Claim Form Online?

So, does this mean you can check your PIP claim online? In this case, you’ll have to talk to your personal injury attorney. Since your attorney acts as a liaison to your PIP adjuster, they can request this information for you. Also, your attorney has the authority on behalf of you to request a PIP insurance log and can notify you of the amount you have left (this is achieved by having a “Power of Attorney” on file). This can be achieved via fax machine, email or regular postal mail.

Depending on the insurance company, some only send them out via mail and can give you a verbal amount, while others have no problem emailing updated logs to an attorney or claimant.

In order to offer more concrete answers, there is no substitute for a direct consultation regarding your accident. As mentioned earlier, Florida is a very unique state concerning accident laws and legislation, which is why you should contact an attorney that practices in your local area and is familiar with your court circuit, too. Getting the right attorney is just as important as having a specialized doctor examine your symptoms. 


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