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A cartoon businessman representing car insurance with an arm over a cartoon car to signify protection. When handling your car insurance, sometimes you may come across the feeling that you are paying too much. Perhaps you are. When it comes to car insurance and your own specific policy, you need to know exactly what you are paying for. Making a few adjustments to your own lifestyle can help your wallet in the long run. Car insurance is your safety net when you drive on the road, and that is nothing to play around with. Lowering the price of your car insurance now can help save you money later on. These six easy tips can help lower your car insurance while keeping the quality of your current plan.

1.) The Car Itself

When it comes to your car, there are a few aspects that can help lower your car insurance. If you are looking into buying a new car, you can do so by first researching before you buy. Research insurance cost based on the year, make, and model of the vehicle you want. It is a fact that newer and more expensive cars have a higher insurance rate than cheaper vehicles. This is due to its low profiling; a more expensive car has a higher likelihood of getting broken into, thus the insurance rates are higher.

When driving in the car itself, it is best to be prepared with the necessary safety gear. Some insurance companies include discounts if you have air bags, automatic seat belts, anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, and even an approved alarm system. Driving less or carpooling helps you in getting those discounts based on a low average of mileage each year. Call your insurance agent to find out if you qualify.

2.) Discounts

There are many discounts available to drivers. Like the ones mentioned above, discounts can even count toward mileage or safety gear. Call your insurance agent to see which discounts you can apply for. Some discounts are included for teenagers who receive good grades and pass drivers’ education courses, as well as a child who does not bring their car to a college that is far from home. Seniors can even apply for certain discounts if you are over a certain age. Other discounts are included for those individuals who have not been in an accident or moving violation for three years, or returning customers.

3.) Safe Driving Practices

As mentioned above, safe driving can help you in the long run. By being a safe driver every time you go on the road, you help yourself in applying for those discounts which lower your rate. Remember to not get distracted and know the laws of your state.

4.) Avoid Medical Coverage Duplication

If your existing insurance in regards to health, life, and disability is good, you do not need to pay for more than you need. Buying only the minimum personal injury protection, which is required variable state by state, can help lower your rate.

5.) Manage Your Credit

Managing your credit is just another way to lower your rate. Effective managing of credit includes paying bills promptly, only using needed credit, and keeping credit debt low to easily manage it.

6.) Consider Raising Your Deductible

If you have a higher deductible, your insurance premium can decrease. You can save a hefty percentage just by raising the deductible alone. Be sure to prepare accordingly.

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When trying to lower your car insurance, it is best to think of any and all routes possible. Taking the right path toward saving money now can mean more money later, and the long run is what life is all about. Other ideas include refraining from over-insuring your car and removing a grown or college child from your insurance plan. Getting more than one rate quote to compare and contrast is a great idea as well. Combining all of this advice can lead to a safer car insurance plan that is more effective at a lesser cost. If you have any questions regarding anything, even car insurance, our experienced attorneys are here to help; call us today.


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