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iStock 000012807606 ExtraSmallYou might not think about it, but your car is made up of hundreds of moving parts, all working in unison to keep you moving from point A to point B. They’re incredibly well engineered and are surprisingly durable for the amount of abuse they take in everyday operation. However, if you are not in the habit of maintaining your vehicle, you should be. Your car is only a miracle machine if you are making sure to perform the routine manintenance. Otherwise, you can be running the risk of an accident. Here are 3 tips to help you avoid auto accidents:

Change Your Oil

Changing your oil is the most basic of services. Everyone has that sticker in their car that shows at what mileage we need to take our cars back in for an oil change. Yet, it’s so easy to skip it, especially if we’re busy or our lives take a turn we didn’t expect. It’s so routine it can just fall off the map. However, it probably shouldn’t. Don’t forget that the oil in your car is what prevents the engine from dealing with friction and excess heat, which can reduce your fuel efficiency (or, if you run out of oil, could lead your engine to seize up). Fuel costs are high, and the cost for a new engine or a rebuild is exorbitant.

The problem is that these problems can happen on the road. If you run too low and reach seizure, you could create an accident just by being on the road while it is happening. Don’t be stuck somewhere with a high repair bill (or as debris in a really bad accident).

Check Your Brakes

Sometimes in older vehicles (or new ones in certain circumstances), you might forget that your brakes are even there. Chalk it up to habit: we tap our brakes so often that we forget that they are there too. They work so perfectly and efficiently that a slight squeak or squeal might not bother us much. That squealing and squeaking is an issue, though, that you should be aware of. The squealing might just be because they’re wet—or your calipers could be grinding through your pads. Fixing it early can prevent costly repairs later and keep your car in optimal condition.

We might not have to say why you should check your brakes often to prevent accidents, but we will anyway: if you get a failure on the road, you will have a difficult time stopping. If you’re anywhere near traffic, you may end up slamming into them and causing some serious damage, not least of all to yourself. Do yourself a favor: get your brakes checked.

Check Your Tires

Yet another thing you may not think about while you are driving is your tires. It is easy to think about tires as a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. However, you should know that your tires can lose pressure over time, which costs you money in fuel costs. However, if they get too low or too bald, you could suffer a blowout—not incredibly dangerous on its own, but if you’re not expecting it or on rough roadways, the blowout might cause you to veer off in the wrong direction or slam into barriers, trees, or other vehicles. Be careful with your tires, and you’ll keep driving safely along for miles and miles.

However, please understand that the dangers of the roadway cannot be avoided solely by preventative maintenance. A properly maintained engine or set of tires will not stop another driver from slamming into you because while your car is well maintained, their car might not be. If something like this happens, call us for a consultation. If there’s anything we can do for you, you’ll be the first to know.

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