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Auto Accident LawyerNow that we are moving into the last part of June, it's a good time to remind the good folks of Hernando County about the dangers of driving drunk on the 4th of July. Sure, our national holiday is an excellent time to get out and enjoy the festivities. But it is also a time that we need to take extra caution on our roadways, highways and Interstates.

There are statistically increased numbers of intoxicated drivers out on our roads. Though the leading holiday for DUI arrests and accidents is actually Thanksgiving, anytime we celebrate here in the United States, statistics indicate rises in the number of DUI-related fatalities, accidents and arrests.

With this in mind (and with last month's national seat-belt mobilization awareness campaign), we at Lowman Law Firm, your auto accident lawyer, would like to gently remind everyone to be extra careful on our roads. And please, as always, choose a designated driver.


Stats From Your Auto Accident Lawyer: Hernando County Traffic Statistsics For 2012

According to the Hernando County Sheriff's Department, the following numbers reflect crash statistics thus far this year.

Total Traffic Accidents  1,144
Injury Crashes 497
Fatal Crashes  9
Total Injured   804
Total Fatalities 10
Commercial Vehicle Crashes 45
Property Damage Crashes 638
Private Property Crashes 172


For even more detailed graphics and specifics, your auto accident lawyer at Lowman Law Firm recommends following this link for infographics and chart breakdowns of different Hernando County crash statistics for 2012.

When faced with the actual numbers of car accidents, fatalities and injuries, we can be pretty easily taken aback, especially when you consider that we aren't even halfway through 2012 yet. With July 4th just around the corner, we should all keep these statistics in mind. 

We all love to celebrate our freedoms. As your auto accident lawyer, we only urge everyone to stop and think before getting behind the wheel (or grabbing the handlebars) to drive or ride. And if you're wondering, yes, there have been times when police have arrested folks for riding horses while intoxicated, as well as riding bicycles. It may sound strange, but it's true.

Another Reminder From Your Car Accident Lawyer: Don't Drive Intexticated Over The Holidays

In addition to people driving drunk over the holidays, it will also be likely that, due to lowered judgment capabilities, some people will not only drink and drive, but also attempt to text while driving. It's now estimated that texting while driving causes more accidents than drunk driving. When combined, one can only imagine the potential devastation a combination of driving while intoxicated and intexticated might bring. 

At Lowman Law Firm, we believe that those freedoms we will be celebrating on July 4th come with grave responsibilities. It is up to each and every one of us to obey traffic laws. They are in place for everyone's benefit.

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