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Spring Hill Auto AccidentA little over two weeks ago, an “agitated” driver wreaked havoc along U.S. 19 here in Hernando County, crashing his minivan into three different vehicles during a “demolition spree.” It was one of those episodes that defies explanation. Eventually, law enforcement had to subdue the suspect with stun guns after he began behaving aggressively, even kicking a female officer in the abdomen. The incident underscores the unfortunate possibility that we might face a life threatening scenario every time we get behind the wheel.

Your auto accident attorneys in Spring Hill at Lowman Law Firm urge everyone to stay alert and drive defensively. Though the great majority of our operators are safe and responsible, there are others, a distinct minority, who will potentially put other drivers in danger.

Don’t take your future out for a spin! If you have been hurt or injured in an automobile wreck, don’t hesitate, contact the auto accident attorneys in Spring Hill of the Lowman Law Firm for a free case evaluation.

Defensive Driving Tips From Spring Hill The Auto Accident Attorneys Of Lowman Law Firm

Pay attention

One of the most common phrases we hear after an collision is, “I never saw him coming!” One frequently quoted statistic is that the majority collisions happen within a short distance from home. Why is this true? We drive the roads closest to home most often. We are more comfortable, often letting our guard down (and the other guy does the same thing); you've heard that "familiarity breeds contempt?" Better yet, familiarity breeds inattention. We don't often consider that serious or fatal injuries can occur in low speed collisions. The first rule of defensive driving is be aware of your surroundings and your own actions.


If you are in doubt about which driver, including yourself, has the right of way at an intersection, go ahead and yield to the other guy. Trust us, you’ll significantly decrease the chances of a collision. If you feel that you were in an intersection collision that wasn’t your fault, contact the Spring Hill auto accident attorneys at Lowman Law Firm for a free case evaluation. We do not charge unless we collect for you.

Don’t speed!

Sounds too simple, right? Well, it may be, but many folks still insist on breaking the speed limit. Again, stay very alert and try to avoid speeding vehicles. Remember that the operators of those cars or trucks will have less time to react to adverse scenarios. This is often a legal requirement as well, if you are traveling at a speed less than the flow of traffic. Also, don't neglect to maintain the correct following distance.

Contact Spring Hill Auto Accident Attorneys At Lowman Law Firm If YOU Have Been Injured In A Collision

Being injured in a car wreck is a frustrating, often maddening event. It can cause you to lose time at work, it can total your car and leave you in a financial mess. If your injuries are serious, a collision can completely alter your life. Don’t let time go by. Contact your auto accident attorneys in Spring Hill at the Lowman Law Firm for a free, discreet case evaluation.

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