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Three people were injured in a Hernando County car when two vans struck head-on. Witnesses to the Brooksville car crash confirm a loud boom and seeing the aftermath of the accident. The injured drivers were transported to Brooksville and Pasco County hospitals. Hernando County Fire Rescue and Hernando Law Enforcement were on the scene shortly after the car crash

A head-on car crash can cause very serious if not life-threatening injuries. The force created by two motor vehicles striking head-on is often much worse than any rear-end or T-bone type collision. The nature of a head-on collision is such that it often happens at the center of the roadway. This means there are arguments for either vehicle as to which driver was negligent and caused the crash injuries. A qualified accident reconstructionist can take the evidence obtained at the scene of the accident and determine the point of impact, speed of vehicles, and many other circumstances that will allow a judge or jury to determine the percentage of fault on each driver. Due to arguments regarding who is at fault, these cases often require personal injury attorneys and litigation to resolve the claims. Another potential problem is that if there are several passengers in the vehicles, the insurance coverage may be limited. Therefore, it is extremely important that you hire a qualified and experienced auto accident attorney to investigate all potential coverages which may provide you benefit. This can be the difference between being compensated for your injury and time missed from work or owing hospitals tens of thousands of dollars because you were injured and unable to work. 

The key in successfully bringing auto injury cases is having a qualified and experienced attorney involved immediately after the crash. Your personal injury lawyer can ensure all evidence regarding liability is preserved and investigated. Your auto accident attorney can also investigate all possible insurance policies and coverages to make sure that you have access to all money available. 

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