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Wesley Chapel Personal Injury AttorneyThe National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says the best vehicle safety is the lap-shoulder belt systems. According to the NHTSA, they reduce the risk of death and the risk of serious injuries by almost 60%.  Biomedical Engineering Department says that the three-point safety-belt restraint, which includes a combination of the lap and shoulder-to-hip belt helps to protect the internal organs in a crash as it controls the forward motion of the body and the accompanying rotation of your pelvis. This also helps to reduce the risk of serious head and neck injuries as well.

When involved in an auto accident, drivers are thrown against their steering wheels, ejected from their cars, hit the dashboard, or even thrown through the windshield. Drivers not wearing their seatbelts has become a big vehicle safety concern for the states in the Southeast such as Florida.

Stop signs are put in place to keep other drivers and yourself safe, but when another driver barrels through a controlled intersection, no one is safe. Thousands of accidents are caused each year by negligent drivers that run stop signs in the Wesley Chapel area. Most drivers that violate stop sign vehicle safety code don’t realize it until it is too late. These types of drivers make the streets and highways in and around the Wesley Chapel area unsafe. Interstate 75 near the State Road 50 was the dangerous intersection in 2009 with 154 crashes, 44 injuries and two fatalities.

NHTSA research says that seventy-five percent of all traffic deaths and injuries happen within twenty-five miles of the victims’ homes, at speeds less than forty mile per hour. Accident vehicle safety reconstruction experts say that being thrown against a dashboard at thirty miles an hour is like striking the ground after falling from a third floor window.

Wesley Chapel Personal Injury LawyerThere are three key things that take place when involved in a vehicle accident. These include:

  1. The car’s collision
  2. The human body’s collision with the car
  3. The internal collision within the human body of the internal organs colliding with the skeletal system.

It is the combination of these that causes serious if not fatal injuries.

Lowman Law Firm Encourages You To Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Seatbelts cannot completely ensure that you are not injured in a vehicle accident, but they are there to help prevent serious injury. We at Lowman Law Firm encourage everyone to always buckle up and make sure everyone in their vehicle does the same.

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