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Automobile Accident In Tampa, Central Florida

There are times when we are involved in accidents that, without a doubt, will require the skills of a proficient, tenacious attorney. One such incident happened early in October in Tampa along Busch Boulevard.

A car wreck involving a police officer and a 58 year-old man sent both to the hospital. Tampa police claim that the gentlemen pulled out in front of the officer and caused the automobile accident.

The police officer was driving west on Busch Boulevard, had the green light and the right of way at 22nd St., when the man, coming east, turned left in front of the patrol car. As a result, both men were transported to Tampa General Hospital.

The police officer was reported in stable condition at the time, while the alleged driver at fault was reported in critical, but stable, condition.

Car Wrecks In Brooksville: What Should You Do?

Unfortunately, automobile accidents just like this one can occur in Brooksville, Spring Hill or just about anywhere for that matter. What you need to know is that, in times like these, it’s vital that you have exceptional representation.

If you have been in a car accident in Hernando County and you feel that the other driver is at fault, you need to act quickly to retain the services of an attorney. You need to be careful not to let too much time pass.

You also need to collect and preserve any pertinent evidence related to the car accident that will assist you in proving liability in your case. Good, aggressive car accident lawyers in Brooksville can help you do this. As a general rule, the more time goes by, the more difficult it is to compile relevant evidence.

Automobile Accident Attorneys In Spring Hill, Hernando County, Florida

A competent Brooksville car accident lawyer will know what you need to do, instantly relieving you of the burden and stress brought on by the trauma of an automobile accident. You simply do not need to be worried about legal details if you’re trying to heal from injuries suffered during a car wreck. At Lowman Law Firm in Brooksville, we understand how personal injury negatively affects all facets of your life. We also understand that it’s crucial to seek the greatest settlement possible because you are entitled to only one settlement. You require an attorney who has the grit and command to take on immediately actionable elements of your case while maintaining site of the big picture. An automobile accident is frequently a life-altering event, demanding victims adjust to their debilitating injuries for the rest of their lives. This affects not only the victim himself, but the victim’s family as well. The intelligent, outstanding car accident attorneys of Lowman Law Firm understand these things, as well as having an intimate grasp of Florida traffic law.

So if you’ve been hurt in a Hernando County car accident, don’t hesitate! Call Lowman Law Firm today to initiate a free consultation.  

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