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Safe Trick Or Treating In Brooksville, Florida

If you are planning on taking your kids trick or treating for Halloween this year, you have already most likely considered safety issues. However, at Lowman Law Firm, we always choose to err on the side of caution, so we opted to post this brief list of points to consider before you set out with your little ones to spook your Spring Hill neighborhood.

Spring Hill Halloween Safety

  • We often see pedestrian accidents on Halloween, either because it is dark outside and difficult to see where you are going or children aren’t wearing appropriately marked clothing. They should also carry some sort of flashlight or glow stick. Other considerations for costuming should include making sure your child can see clearly. Kids frequently trip because of ill-fitting masks or robes, sheets or other garb interferes with their ability to walk properly.
  • Double check your child’s costume to ensure that it is not flammable.
  • Make it a rule that small children must be accompanied by an older sibling or an adult. Excitement runs high on Halloween and that means plenty of children will be sprinting around our Brooksville streets. If you are driving on Halloween, proceed with an extra measure of caution.
  • Though Hernando County is a safe, down home place, generally it is much wiser to only accept pre-packaged candies and treats. Homemade items are much less desirable, and though there is not one reported case where a child has actually been harmed by candy (the hyped “razor blade” in candy myth is nothing more than an urban legend), it’s still best to go with a known product. Always inspect the Halloween candy to make sure it hasn’t been previously unwrapped.
  • If you are throwing a Halloween party and you have a pool, it makes sense to properly cover the pool so that no children accidentally fall in during the revelry. Also installing a self-locking gate is a pretty good idea to protect yourself from any potential trouble. While we’re on the subject of water, Halloween and trick or treating usually means bobbing for apples. If you decide to play host and have this game at your party, make sure there is always adult supervision so that no one gets hurt. Remove any potential trip and fall items to keep trick or treaters and party-goers safe, avoid fire hazards. Dry ice is not an especially great idea either, especially around youngsters, because it can severely burn if touched.
  • Finally, make sure your Halloween decorations are safe and reliable, posing no threat of fire or injury. For instance, it is not a great idea to use candles inside of Jack-O-Lanterns and, in the case you are using lights, inspect them to make sure they are safe and sound. Keep them out of walkways and securely suspended.

Hernando County Halloween – Safe And Scary!

These are just a few ideas to get everyone thinking about safety on Halloween in Brooksville. The lawyers at Lowman Law Firm wish everyone a happy – and safe – Halloween.  

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