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New Teen Driver’s Education Course For Hernando County School District Hopes To Reduce Teen Automobile Accidents In Brooksville

Here in Florida as in the rest of the United States, the leading cause of adolescent and young adult deaths is automobile accidents. Due to economic factors, there has been serious concern over budget cuts in our schools within the context of driver’s education. The Hernando County School District sought to overcome the cancellation of driver’s education by offering a program after school and, after a slow start due to lack of awareness, the program has picked up enrollment and is gaining momentum as its popularity grows. The program includes: 

  • Defensive driving
  • Safety awareness
  • Recognition of traffic law
  • Covers the implications of DUI
  • Lowers insurance premiums for young drivers

So fortunately for everyone, Hernando County continues to offer an after school driver’s education course for teens which is a little different than the older one offered at public schools. The traditional course was cut due to budgetary concerns and class size limitations. However, the emphasis for driving safety did not go away with the old class and, as a result, the school district designed a new 12-week course, offered through the community education program. Though there is a fee is $100 and no academic credits are issued to students, it’s clear that students and parents alike are motivated to enroll in the class. Driver’s education classes serve both to educate young drivers about the rules and etiquette of the road and lower insurance premiums for consumers. The class meets once a week for three hours and students ages 19 and younger who are enrolled in a district school, private school, eSchool, Florida Virtual School or who are homeschooled are eligible.


Teen Driver Education Program

Making Central Florida Safer From Car Accidents

At Lowman Law Firm we are concerned about the safety of all our vehicle operators and encourage education for our young drivers as a necessary step toward the safe operation of a motor vehicle to avoid car and truck wrecks in Brooksville, Spring Hill, Dade City, Wesley Chapel, and all of Hernando County.

The legal team of Lowman Law Firm salutes both Hernando County and driver education instructor Vic Cervizzi for their extra efforts to abate teen automobile accidents.

Cervizzi has taught driver’s education now for a total of 42 years. 20 of those years he’s taught right here in Hernando County. Cervizzi was a little disappointed to learn that the cuts were affecting driver’s education because the district recently used grant money to purchase textbooks and workbooks, 10 driving simulators and 4 Ford Focus automobiles. He was quoted by as saying, “"Hopefully, when things get better economy-wise, they'll consider putting it back during day school."

Though the fee is 4 times the old lab fee charged by the school, most participants seem enthusiastic about the program and agree on its insurance premium and safety benefits.

If you have recently been involved in an accident and you feel you were not at fault, contact the aggressive attorneys of Lowman Law Firm and schedule a free consultation.


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