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A golf cart is useful for many tasks besides driving to the next part of the course. Golf carts are practical for certain types of communities (The Villages), most commonly those catering to retirees. They can be considerably less expensive than a car, even when outfitted with all necessary safety features and extra options such as radios or an extra battery to run a fan.

However, much like with a car, there is always a possibility for a golf cart to be involved in an accident. If a golf cart driver is intoxicated, or does not follow the rules of the road, this chance increases. There is also a higher possibility of a driver or passenger falling out of a golf cart since they are not enclosed.

Golf Cart Accident

A Few Steps You Can Take To Prevent A Golf Cart Accident

  • Allow pedestrians the right of way. Just like with a car, if a pedestrian is struck by a golf cart, this can result in very serious injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, or spinal cord injuries.
  • Do not exceed posted speed limits. Speeding tickets may be issued for a golf cart using a road, and in addition to fines, collisions may occur and result in injury or damage to the golf cart or other property. Drive at a lower speed on an incline in the event you need to brake suddenly.
  • Reduce speed when cornering; a golf cart is prone to flipping or rolling. This can result in severe injury or fatality, as golf carts do not offer the same protection as a car.
  • Do not drive a golf cart in bad weather. Slick roads will make it harder to brake or maneuver, and since the golf cart is powered by electricity from a battery, it is important to keep it as dry as possible.
  • When driving with passengers, make sure everyone has his or her own seat and stays in it. If your golf cart has seat belts, use them.
  • Take extra care in backing up, driving around corners, or driving into or out of an enclosed area. It is better to go slower than risk an accident involving a pedestrian, stationary object or another golf cart.
  • Stop the golf cart before shifting gears.
  • Park the golf cart only in designated areas and on level ground. Do not park on paving stones, gravel, or in a puddle.
  • When leaving your golf cart, be sure to engage the parking break and take the keys with you. This will prevent the golf cart from rolling on uneven ground and will keep anyone else from driving it.

Following some very simple steps, in addition to the other rules of the road and common-sense guidelines, will help prevent an expensive and potentially tragic golf cart accident. 

If you have been injured as the result of a golf cart accident, call us and speak to a lawyer today for a free consultation.

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