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Medical Tx After AccidentYou’ve probably heard the annoying TV and radio ads yelling at you to call them immediately after an accident, or to contact so-and-so to get help. While these ads are bothersome, there is truth to the fact that you should get immediate medical treatment following a car accident. Why, you may ask? It’s in your best interest to do so, not only for the maintenance of your physical well-being, but also concerning your claim.

In 2013 alone, there were 210,887 injuries reported after motor vehicle accidents in Florida.

Odds are, even if you feel “fine,” you may have hurt yourself, and it’s important to check and be sure. There is PIP on your auto insurance policy that covers up to 80% of your accident-related injuries.

Still aren’t convinced? Read some of our pointers below, and see how it can affect your settlement amount, too.

You Need It For Your Claim

Did you know that if you don’t get medical treatment within 14 days of an accident, you forfeit your ability (most of the time) to getting PIP benefits? These are new laws that went into effect in recent years to minimize fraud in the system. So instead of being eligible for $10,000 in PIP, you may only get $2,500 or none at all. Going right after to a hospital or doctor to be examined for your injuries is essential because it translates to being injured.

Basically, it makes the correlation between the accident and your injuries more compelling and immediate. Even if you don’t feel like you’re in pain, seek medical attention immediately. Adrenaline that happens after an accident can mask pain and injuries that can crop up later.

It Impacts Your Settlement

It can affect your claim in regards to your settlement amount. While it’s never guaranteed that you’ll receive a settlement, the linkage between your injuries and the accident starts with your medical treatment. Insurance agents evaluate these records heavily when reviewing a claim and rewarding a settlement to you.

The longer you wait to get treated, the harder it is to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident. Let’s face it: insurance companies aren’t the good guys, and at the end of the day, they only see bottom line. This is especially emphasized when you seek compensation through another driver’s insurance policy.

The insurance representative’s attitude if they see a gap in receiving treatment will be something akin to this: “Well he/she must not have been in that much pain to warrant a settlement because they took so long to seek medical treatment.” It’s an unfortunate stance, but don’t make yourself defenseless; talk to a personal injury attorney today who can help you in your accident case.

Key Takeaway

It’s never an ideal situation when you are in an accident. However, you can make the best of your situation by being proactive about your medical treatment and about your case. Contact a personal injury attorney in your area that can provide proper legal advice in regards to your case. This will help you see why receiving medical treatment within 14 days of an accident is so important. After an accident, everything else is simply ancillary.


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