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Don't make careless mistakes when dealing with an auto accident.
Finding the most productive way to respond to a auto accident is never clear cut; it’s a frustrating and often confusing process, that adds to an already stressful situation. After an auto accident, it may seem like you’re all alone in your fight for fair compensation… compensation that is not necessarily a reward, but often just regular financial support to get your life back on track after an accident.

In many cases, how you respond in an auto accident can entirely determine the outcome of any possible auto accident claim. Did you get everyone’s name involved in the accident, including witnesses passing by? What direction have talks with your insurance company taken, and have you contacted a professional representative yet? In almost all Florida auto accident cases, what you do immediately following an accident can pave the way for your legal case’s success… or failure.

In this article, we’ll take a look into what it takes to have the best auto accident claim, and help you learn what you can do right away to improve your chances of getting the ample compensation you need.

What to Do Onsite

Many of the most beneficial things you can do for your auto accident case occur on-location at your accident site. In the event of an auto accident, acting quickly, writing down names and personal information, and taking photos of the accident site and any damages can drastically improve support for your claims.

For these reasons, it can be very helpful to keep a small notepad and pen in your car, so in the event of an auto accident, you can respond quickly and gather all information related to your accident and those involved. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Full names, driver’s license numbers and license plate numbers
  • Insurance policy numbers and contact information for all companies involved
  • Vehicle make, model, year and color of any involved automobiles
  • Witness accounts and contact information

Essentially, you’ll want to capture every minute detail and factor in your accident as clearly as possible. This is why, beyond pen-and-paper note taking, it can be very helpful to have photographic evidence of your crash site and road conditions. Police reports won’t be able to provide the same level of accuracy and detail as a photograph. In the event of an accident, take out a cell phone or camera, and start getting snapshots of the accident site, including:

  • Roadways and traffic conditions
  • Weather conditions at the time of your accident
  • Lighting, distractions and other external factors
  • Damage to vehicles, private property or public fixtures (such as light and telephone poles)

How to Talk With Officials

Beyond raw information and photographic evidence from your crash site, how you speak with police, emergency personnel and insurance company representatives can play an influential role in the way your auto accident case will proceed.

Never outright admit fault for an auto accident, whether onsite with police officials or to involved insurance agencies, as this will virtually eliminate your potential for compensation. Stick to the straight facts, and tread lightly when in conversation with insurance companies.

In these situations, sometimes the best thing an accident victim can do is contact an outside legal professional to look over their case and help guide conversations with insurance companies. But how do you know who to ask for help, or if they will even be able to support your case?

Find an Auto Accident Attorney

This is where trained and experienced auto accident attorneys can step in, and save your case in court. Auto accident attorneys can be a victim’s greatest assets in getting the compensation they need following a severe accident. However, recovering and moving on from an accident is already stressful in itself; how do you find the right attorney and representation, without making matters more troublesome in the aftermath of an accident?

Finding the right accident attorney for your unique case can actually be quite simple, if you know what to look for in an attorney.

For one, be sure to find an experienced professional that offers free initial consultations, as these preliminary meetings will provide simple, quick answers as to whether or not your case is worth pursuing, and how well those attorneys can likely handle your case.

Free consultations aren’t enough on their own, however; you’ll also want to select an auto accident attorney who has a long, successful track record of representing accident cases similar to yours. The ideal accident attorney, in virtually any case, will be one who caters to victims in a compassionate manner, and matches that behavior with real-world experience and success in claims like yours.

In the Spring Hill, Brooksville, Dade City and Wesley Chapel areas, Lowman Law Firm is the auto accident attorney of choice. If you or a loved one have been in a recent auto accident and seek professional representation with your accident claims, contact us right away. In most accident cases, time is the most sensitive factor.


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