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Mistakes With Auto Accident ClaimsWhen handling an auto accident case, countless accident victims make simple, avoidable mistakes than seriously hurt, and can even eliminate, their claim. Having the most successful accident case is mostly about staying informed; knowing what to do at accident sites and whom to contact afterwards.

There is no “perfect formula” for handling your unique, circumstantial auto accident case. Perhaps the best way to recover from an auto accident is to know what not to do.

Mistakes At The Accident Site

The most common auto accident mistakes are made immediately following a crash, while drivers are still on-location at the accident site… and unfortunately, most of these mistakes are otherwise avoidable with the right knowledge. Foremost, always contact the police in the event of an auto accident, no matter how severe the accident is. Having an official police report can more or less make your accident case when brought to court.

However, a police report is not always enough; they serve better as a foundations for further evidence than as entire cases. While at the crash site, many accident victims forego taking photos of vehicle damage and road conditions, and forget to jot down everything they can about their accident… they’re sure the police report will be enough for them to make their case. Very often, the report is not enough. To maximize your case’s potential in court and receive the compensation you need, you’ll want to craft the clearest, most comprehensive picture of your accident possible.

Keep a notebook or small pad in your car, and record everything you can about your accident for the strongest insurance claim. This includes:

  • Driver information, such as license number, address and phone number
  • Insurance information, such as policy numbers
  • Vehicle identification numbers, license tags, registration information
  • Vehicle damage done to all involved parties
  • Any property damage
  • Damage to your surroundings
  • Any resulting injuries
  • Road and traffic conditions
  • Weather conditions

Police reports include the general information regarding auto accidents, but do not include room for some of these other, crucial details; details which can solidify your accident case. Be sure to review the official police report at the accident site and check it for accuracy, as any incorrect information on the report can seriously harm your claim later on. 

Not Getting Professional And Proper Help Right Away

Immediately following an accident, contacting a reliable and passionate auto accident attorney can be just as important as contacting the police. While you may think you can handle your accident case on your own, or that your claims and evidence are obvious, having a legal professional represent your case can be the single most important factor in getting the compensation you deserve after an accident.

A professional auto accident attorney, with the appropriate mesh of education and experience, can help you navigate the delicate legal and insurance policies involved in an accident case. They take the information and reports on an accident, compile them and prepare the best case possible for your needs; without professional representation, recovering from an auto accident can be easily overwhelming. Don’t make such a simple mistake in the aftermath of a distressing accident. Contact an experience auto accident attorney right away.

Remembering to contact an auto accident attorney is only half the battle; you also must discern between attorneys and find the right one for your unique situation and needs. There are many different types of accident attorneys, identified by the narrowed areas they choose to specialize their work in.

Accident attorneys gain experience by taking on cases in specific fields, and perfecting their methods in those circumstances. These specializations can include:

  • Personal injury
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Victims of negligence
  • Trucking accidents
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Golf cart accidents
  • Liability claims
  • Disability
  • Social security

When choosing an attorney to represent your auto accident case, make sure they have extensive experience with cases similar to yours, and can fight for your case with the demeanor and professionalism required. Don’t hesitate to question and observe your prospective attorneys, and know what signs indicate a positive, result-driven legal professional. Find an auto accident attorney that offers free preliminary consultations. In these meetings, your attorney will overview your case and gauge how well you can work together, and get you the compensation you need.

Don’t hesitate. Get professional representation for your case right away, or even on the scene of the accident! Don’t fret over attorney costs, either, as many receive payment on a contingency basis; that is, they only get paid when you do.

Brushing Off Medical Care

Most importantly, don’t forego medical treatment as needed. After an accident, many victims disregard cuts or bruises, thinking their injuries insignificant and denying medical care and checkups. They forget that not all injuries are external. Internal bleeding, fractured bones and damaged muscles can go undetected immediately following an accident, when tensions and adrenaline are running high; when you get home, or even days later, these painful internal injuries can arise, and cause additional medical complications.

Take medical treatment seriously after an auto accident, and inform your auto accident attorney of any adverse changes to your health because of an accident. You can be compensated for lost workdays and health care expenses from an injury with the right representation. Your insurance company can deny including medical expenses in your case if you do not seek treatment immediately: the injury will be seen as separate from your accident. Don’t wait until injury pain becomes unbearable, or brush off seemingly minor injuries.

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Don’t make these simple, damaging mistakes when handling your auto accident case. Get the representation you deserve, and compensation for damages, injuries and lost wages. Contact the professional auto accident attorneys at Lowman Law Firm to learn the most productive ways you can handle your case immediately after an accident. We offer free accident consultations before taking on cases, to make sure you receive the best representation possible.

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