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DUI_Accident_in_Hernando_County.jpgFlashing lights. Ringing in your ears. Blurred vision. These are just a few things you may experience after a crash.

Many times, those who fall victim to a DUI accident don’t even see it coming--one moment you’re driving, and the next you’ve been violently struck.

Although the rate of Hernando County accidents have slightly improved, there are still numerous drivers who will get behind the wheel drunk.

This not only risks their own life, but others’ lives, as well.

In this article, we are going to cover how to handle the immediate aftereffects of a DUI accident for yourself or a loved one.

Drunk Driving Statistics

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the amount of people killed in alcohol-impaired or related crashes accounted for nearly ⅓ of all traffic-related deaths in 2014. Nearly ⅓!

Fatalities from impaired driving as compiled by the CDC in Florida amounted to 8,476--beat in numbers only by California and Texas.

What to do Right After the Crash

Here are a few basic bullet points on what you should do after a DUI accident:

    • If you are injured, or it’s suspected that anyone is injured, call 911 immediately! This is always a first priority beyond anything else
    • Unless there’s a risk of a fire or immediate aid is needed, don’t move injured individuals in the crash
    • Contact the police even after you’ve called 911--a police report is invaluable to have to evaluate the accident and document important factors
    • You may be disoriented, but try to take pictures and write down everything you see at the scene: weather, condition of your car, your injuries, insurance information, license plate numbers, and so on
    • At first you may not know alcohol is involved in the crash, but if you have suspicions, make sure you notify the police immediately when they arrive on the scene
    • Do not confront the other driver or admit fault of any kind/apologize

How to Handle the Aftermath of a DUI Accident

Handling accident cases can be a long process that is riddled with phone calls, paperwork, and insurance companies. For DUI accidents specifically, (drugs or alcohol, there’s no difference in Florida laws), dealing with the police report, evidence, claims adjusters, and possible court time is overwhelming for anyone.

Contacting an experienced DUI attorney in your area is important in order to evaluate your case and help prove drunk driving negligence was present and get  you the compensation you deserve.

Are you a victim of a DUI accident in Hernando County? To learn more, we invite you to read up on some of our free resources or check out our comprehensive DUI accident guide below:


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