Motorcycle vs. Truck Accident

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Large trucks represent one of the most potent threats on our roads and highways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) listed in their 2003 Large Truck Crash Causation Study that a whopping  82 percent of wrecks involving large trucks resulted in a death, an incapacitating injury or other personal injury. According to the study, the two most frequent reasons the accident occurred was due to either a decision error, or a recognition error by the truck driver. Motorcyclists are exponentially more vulnerable to catastrophic injury or death in a collision with a large truck.  

According to the NHTSA:

  • 82 percent of wrecks involving large trucks resulted in death or an incapacitating injury.

  • The two most frequent reasons the accident occurred was due to either a decision error, or a recognition error by the truck driver.

Other Factors for Hernando County Motorcyclists to Mull

Another fact to consider and factor in is Florida’s ever-increasing population density as a contributing factor to motorcycle versus truck accidents. Florida also plays host to many motorcycle enthusiast events, adding fuel to and increasing the already growing motorcycle versus truck accident and death statistics. The risks are considerable, but that doesn’t mean that you have no recourse in obtaining just compensation for your physical injuries, lost wages and suffering. Contact Lowman Law Firm in Spring Hill if you have been involved in a motorcycle versus truck accident in Central Florida.

Motorcycles Versus Trucks:  A Closer Look at the NHTSA Statistics

The NHTSA reports that four percent of motorcycle accidents involved a large truck in 2004.  Additionally, 39 percent of the crashes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle were a result of the vehicle making a left-hand turn and the motorcycle going straight. Twenty-six percent of reported motorcycle injury accidents occurred when the vehicles were moving in the same direction.

Serious Injuries Resulting from a Motorcycle Versus Truck Wreck in Brooksville?

As with any motorcycle accident, serious injuries can result from a truck versus motorcycle accident. As you might imagine, there are concrete statistical increases (noted above) in permanent injuries and death specific to motorcycle versus truck accidents.  

Outside of a fatality, one of the most severe injuries one may suffer after an accident is brain trauma, the consequences of which are dire. Medical costs treating such a critical injury are currently skyrocketing. When faced with losing significant time at work, many people lose hope. Allow Lowman Law Firm to lend a helping hand and compassionate ear in this time of piqued struggle.  

Truck Accident Liability and Your Motorcycle Versus Truck Accident in Central Florida

Truck accidents have dozens of potential causes, many of which are the result of negligent or careless actions of the truck driver or company oversights. Some wrecks may be caused by a manufacturing defect in the truck or a hazardous road. Whatever the origin of your accident, our Spring Hill motorcycle versus truck accident lawyers at Lowman Law Firm possess unique insight into the complex liability issues involved in your personal injury claim. For fairness, justice and dogged representation, call Lowman Law Firm in Spring Hill, Florida.