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Fotolia 10709172 XSDriving next to trucks makes most people nervous. Their size in contrast to any consumer vehicle can make even the most seasoned driver nervous. However, what most people don't stop to consider is that these drivers are actually some of the most trained drivers out there, and if you follow some basic safe practices on the road, you've nothing to fear from them.

The basics of driving with these trucks is a simple phrase: what you'd do to stay safe with passenger vehicles, you should do to stay safe with trucks—just on a bigger scale. That said, here are a few tips to keep you safe and prevent auto accidents.

Give Them Plenty Of Room

This isn't a matter of them being unsafe drivers, this is a matter of the time it takes to stop. For a passenger car, the brakes can usually get a car stopped in around 4 seconds—not too shabby for something moving as fast as it is! But, with a big rig, the mass is larger and therefore the stopping time and distance are further. Riding too close is asking for trouble.

Also, no one likes being made nervous. That's the trouble with riding close to anyone. But, if you're riding too close to trucks, you're not only making them nervous but you're running close to riding in their blind spots (if you're behind them) or riding close enough for them to smash into you (if you're in front of them). It's a bad idea for everyone, and makes accidents more likely. Don't do it!

Let Them Do Their Thing

As we said before, truckers are not only skilled at what they do, but highly trained, as well. If they're speeding or otherwise traveling in ways that you don't expect, give them some room. There are some things that truck drivers do because of their weight. For instance, on downhill slopes, trucks will "free wheel" and gain a lot of speed, usually to help offset the fuel costs that they spent going up the hill. They also often ride more slowly in the right hand lane to save on fuel. Just let them be and everyone will be ok. If they are actually breaking the law, the Highway Patrol will take care of that for you.

This applies to when trucks are parking or maneuvering, as well. You might find yourself getting impatient after a truck is backing up for the fifth or sixth time to line up, but that's part of the process. Backing up with any trailer is difficult, but imagine a 48-foot-long trailer behind your car. Let them do their job and everything will work out well for you.

The Most Important Piece Of Advice

This is the strongest statement we want to make:

Do not, under any circumstances, cut off or otherwise drive aggressively around trucks.

We really can't emphasize this enough. Aggressive driving is a main cause of crashes of regular sized vehicles, and adding a large semi into that mix isn't a winning combination for anyone. Instead, if you need to get around the truck, pass safely and ensure that you leave the truck enough room. Even though the truck is big, the driver is still at risk of injury. The recent fire on I-75 is evidence of that.

If You Need More Help

If you've been in an accident involving a big rig, then we can help. We've been handling cases like this for a long time and we've got the know-how to successfully handle your case, too. Don't let the accident take away your financial freedom. Don't wait—call today!

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