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Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus Counties have many strong and vibrant retirement communities where senior citizens enjoy active lifestyles, golf, water sports, and travel in and around the central Florida area. The senior population is a growing and important part of Florida and our economy. When we hear of drivers losing control of their vehicles due to medical reasons such as heart attack, stroke, seizures, or other conditions, we often associate age with the condition. However, many times the medical condition afflicts those who are not part of the retirement population. Recently, there have been several horrific car crashes where drivers suffering from health problems lost control and caused death and terrible injury. Just last month a Tampa family was struck while driving on Habana Avenue in Hillsborough County. Two parents were killed and their young daughter is still hospitalized. The crash was caused by a driver who lost consciousness due to a medical condition and his truck left the roadway striking the victims’ minivan. The driver of the truck, was only 42 and had his license revoked twice over the past three years.

Many medical conditions that may affect a driver’s ability to operate his or her vehicle are age related and according to census data one in five drivers is over 65 years of age. Therefore, it appears the likelihood of a Spring Hill, Brooksville, or Wesley Chapel car accident being caused by a sudden medical emergency is increasing. These types of personal injury crashes often produce serious bodily injury and require ongoing medical care. Unfortunately, the driver who suffers a loss of consciousness or sudden inability to control their vehicle is prevented from taking any evasive action (braking, swerving, etc.) just before impact to reduce the magnitude of the impact.

The State of Florida appears to be taking a more aggressive approach to those drivers with significant medical issues. In fact, according to a recent Tampa Tribune article, the number of drivers who had their license revoked due to medical concerns has doubled over the last two years. However, these drivers can and do have their license reinstated after submission to a medical board and review of medical records.

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