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Picture this, you’re driving home from a long day at work; you led meeting after meeting and you’re ready to go home, cook a nice meal and decompress from the day’s stress.

3 Myths About Rear End Accidents Everyone Thinks Are True!

The only problem is that in route to relaxation, an accident occurs and your car gets rear ended at a moment’s notice.

Fender benders and automobile accidents aren’t a part of anyone’s daily plans; in fact, they are quite disruptive and hassle some.

There are many myths or misconceptions regarding rear end automobile accidents that you should know on the off chance that you end up becoming a victim of a car accident yourself.

3 Myths About Rear End Accidents That Aren’t True!

Since there are so many misconceptions regarding rear ended car accidents, we have put together the following 3 myths that simply aren’t true about rear end car accidents.

1. No complaints; no injuries

People often assume that if you aren’t feeling immediate pain resulting from a car accident, then you aren’t injured; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Connective tissue injury symptoms can often have a delayed reaction.

Even if you don’t feel any pain at the scene of the accident, you should go to a local clinic or hospital to get checked out and learn if you have sustained any injuries.

2. Florida isn’t a no-fault state

According to Florida law, Florida is a no-fault state. What this means is if you rear-end someone, regardless of the circumstances, you are at fault.

3. You don’t need a lawyer to settle your claim in Florida

Even though Florida is a no-fault state and the rear end offender is at fault regardless of the circumstances, hiring a qualified attorney is highly recommended. Filing a claim can be complicated; not to mention dealing with insurance providers.

If you were involved in a rear end accident, don’t hesitate to contact a professional, experienced and tenacious personal injury attorney today!

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